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Opelika Power Services

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OPS is proud to bring you the most advanced, high-tech fiber optic system.

It is a smart system with the same reliable, local customer service you have always depended on from your hometown power company.

With our new fiber optic network, OPS can now offer you a total solution of home technology.

Local Management, Local Service, Local Investment!



Our new Smart Grid system provides the Opelika community with unparalleled service and response times.



Watch HD channels coming in crystal clear on your television set. HD Set Top Box included!



Perfect fiber optic audio quality for every Opelika citizen. Dependable and reliable service you can count on.



The fastest internet in the state of Alabama.  Come see for yourself!

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Our Service


All of our power is given to you, the citizens of Opelika. We are proud to support both local businesses and individuals alike, all of whom help give back to the Opelika community, just as we do. We are extremely excited to see the opportuities Opelika now has to expand and grow with all of the advancements being made. 

Are you interested in joining us to transform Opelika’s future? Would you like to take part in the new fiber optic system? Then sign up now!